Unleash the real power of smart contracts

Witnet enables your smart contracts to react to real world events with strong crypto-economic guarantees.

The decentralized oracle that is true to the censorship resistant nature of blockchains.

Without a reliable oracle, smart contracts can be vulnerable to hacks, corruption and monetary loss.

Witnet leverages state-of-the-art cryptographic and economic techniques to provide your smart contracts with secure data input.

"Witnet is a next generation crypto Oracle. You'll hear a lot more about it in 2021."

Michael Arrington, Founder of TechCrunch

"The oracle that truly decentralized blockchains and the Web3 deserve"

Luis Cuende, Co-Founder of Aragon

"Oracle price manipulation was a hot topic in 2020, causing many financial losses. We are confident that Witnet is able to withstand these issues and provide the security and decentralization we’re looking for"

Mark Tan, Co-Founder of RiveX

Incentivized by the $WIT coin

The Witnet decentralized oracle runs on its own blockchain and relies on the WIT coin for incentivization of independently run nodes that resolve the data requests and agree on the results.

Come for the tech, stay for the fun!

From developers to miners and enthusiasts, the Witnet community prides itself on always being welcoming, discussing the things that really matter, and ensuring that Witnet plays a key role in the foundations of Web3.

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